Praying for Boston

Earlier this week we learned of a disaster which took place in Boston. A number of bombs went off during the end of a marathon, in which a number of innocent people were killed and many injured.

My prayers go out to those who lost their lives, those that were injured and the friends and families and anyone else effected by this act of terror. I pray that the individuals responsible for this tragedy are brought to justice as soon as possible.

“The investigation is in its infancy, there are no claims of responsibility and the range of suspects and motives remains wide open.” – FBI Special Agent Richard DesLauriers

Innocent civilians were the target in this attack, whoever may be responsible is a criminal, a terrorist, a murderer in the eyes of the law, religion and God.

Until we hear from authorities to provide more information about who may have been responsible, I hope people hold off on making baseless statements and assumptions as to who might have been involved. I don’t think it’s fitting to speculate and blame without a  justified reason. 

Let’s not forget that this is happening in other parts of the world too. Just like in Boston, innocent people are being killed and tortured in Bangladesh, Palestine, Burma, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, etc… the list goes on. Just like we actively condemn this act of violence in Boston, we as decent people of society should condemn in the same manner; the violence and killings which are happening in other countries as well.

The Qur’an condemns such acts of violence in no uncertain terms, “Whoever kills an innocent life it is as if he has killed all of humanity…”.

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