Saudi Arabia deports ‘irresistible’ men deemed ‘too handsome’ to women

With news like this who needs entertainment? Saudi Arabia has been known for it’s outrageous laws and regulations, but this gives a new meaning to their brand of religious conservatism. Three men were denied the right to visit and deported back to the UAE after they were thought to be too ‘irresistible’ for women. It’s the ultimate compliment mixed with a slap in the face. While other countries are busy deporting people for illegal stay and employment and perhaps other valid reasons, Saudi Arabia is occupied in driving out awesomely good looking men! Because Saudi men ‘are worth it’ and they just can’t handle it!

Now as person who has a keen interest in religious and political matters of world, I don’t find this justified in any way, as I suspect anybody else in their right mind wouldn’t either. I cannot think of any religious or historical example which would approve the reason behind this deportation.

Of course this isn’t the first time we’re hearing Saudi pass a ridiculous decision, there are plenty more, but this has to be the funniest by far.

Beauty is subjective, some people might find them attractive and some might not. But so what if they’re ‘irresistible’? It’s not their fault. They have every right not be deported because of the way they look. Why only assume that women will become so attracted these men that they won’t control themselves? Who’s to say that a decent woman won’t approach one of these ‘irresistible’ males for marriage in an Islamic way? After all Islam does recommend to look for physical attraction along with other attributes regarding characteristics and faith in a potential spouse.

So I’m left thinking now, I might need to be careful on my futures visits to the Middle East, as I might be in for a surprise due to my awesomeness and looks that turn heads in awe!

Pardon my humorous vanity and cheap puns, couldn’t resist.

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