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Masjid Tarbeeyyah Presents Explanation of Al Aqeedah At Tahawiyyah Shaykh Abu Khalid Imran – Islamic University of Madinah / Egypt
This is a book dealing with Aqee’dah (basic tenents of faith), written by _Abu Ja’far Ahmad ibn Muhammad ibn Salaamah al-Tahaawi_ رحمه الله تعالى. It is a book that is easy to read, clear in meaning and mentions a number of the beliefs of the righteous salaf and those who followed them from Ahl al-Sunnah wa’l-Jamaa’ah. In total 105 beliefs are mentioned which cover topics such as:

  • The belief in the oneness of Allah.
  • Belief in the prophethood of Muhammad ﷺ. 
  • Beliefs regarding the Qur’an.
  • Beliefs regarding the Angels, the Day of Judgement, Paradise, Hell and other matters of the unseen. 
  • Belief in divine will and decree. 
  • Beliefs with regard to the noble Sahabah and more.

Every Sunday at 19:15 – 21:30 starting from 26th of February 2017 Brothers and Sisters

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EDL Girls – Don’t Call Me Racist: my thoughts

BBC 3 aired what may be one the most disastrous, basic reports – sorry, I meant to say ‘documentaries’ –  last night, EDL Girls – Don’t Call Me Racist. I call it a ‘basic report’ because it took only accounts and statements from a bunch of racists and uneducated bigots without challenging them in any way. Giving such such a hateful propaganda like the English Defence League’s a platform to spew their ill-informed views for the world to hear can be argued as extremely counter productive, and down right dangerous and outrageous when done so unchallenged. Just ask, what is to be achieved with this show now aired? The educated and sensible in our society will dismiss it without a doubt, but for the closet racists who are secretly searching for people with similar views, this show does nothing but encourage them to take action for their spiteful views.

BBC 3 is being criticised for giving “hateful propaganda” a platform. Matthew Collins, a researcher for the organisation Hope Not Hate, lambasted the BBC for broadcasting such “banal, ill-informed dross where a bunch of racists went unchallenged.”    

Nevertheless this shoddy excuse for a documentary was entertaining, it got a few laughs from me. I mean, who wouldn’t want to watch an uneducated bigoted fellah speak passionately about how ‘halal’ his loaf of bread is. “A few pennies of that (Kingsmill bread) went to the Taliban to put bullets in guns” says Jay. The Muslims are taking over Jay, one slice of bread at a time! Another EDL member on the show stated “anyone can join the EDL, even Muslims”, how generous of them. People took to twitter to express their opinions regarding the show. 

The show introduced Gail, a so called mother figure for the EDL who likes to yell “YORKSHIRE” repeatedly. Her struggle was with the courts trying bring two Asian men to justice who apparently brutally beat her up. I wonder how the BBC missed the opportunity to interview these two Asians to hear both sides of the story.

For a moment the show was slightly reassuring to show us Katie, who after constant bombardment and pressure from her family to join the EDL with them, decided not to as she didn’t want to be labelled as a racist.

What I found most worrying was the case of Amanda. How isolated individuals can find comfort in extremist organisations like the EDL in exchange for a sense of belonging.    

There isn’t much else to say about this show, so I shall conclude.

So what is it we Muslims should do about this? – simple, educate them. No matter how ignorant they may be, our duty is to at least try to convey the truth of our faith to them, whether they take it or not. People are humans at the end of the day and can learn from their mistakes and change. One of the greatest qualities Muhammad peace be upon him had was that he could change the heart of his enemies towards him to love him, we need acquire this quality in our society. Thank you.                            


22/5/13, we learnt of a man been brutally murdered in a machete attack in Woolwich, South East London. Two suspects have been arrested after being shot and wounded in a police fire. Met Police have said a murder inquiry is being led by its Counter Terrorism Department. There are unconfirmed reports that the dead man was a soldier.

My deepest prayers and condolences go out to the victim and his family and friends. I hope the murderers and anyone else who may be in connection to this heinous crime are brought swiftly to justice and pay for the agony and pain caused.

The people who carried out the attack were heard saying “Allahu Akbar” meaning “God is Great” – BBC political editor Nick Robinson reported.

Thugs and murderers are not serving God, they have no place in religion with this act of violence and crime. I and many, many other Muslims and non Muslims worldwide condemn such a hideous action of hatred wholeheartedly. Islam and God completely forbid these people for what they have done with the harshest punishment.

“Whoever slays a soul, unless it be for manslaughter or for mischief in the land, it is as though he slew all men.” – Qur’an 5:32

It is sad to hear these types of violence taking place in Britain and in other parts of the world. Street violence is a problem especially in the UK. As “self proclaimed thugs” walk the streets in broad daylight hours causing havoc in public; we as ordinary people of the country suffer greatly and even more so the victims. As a society we should find this alarming. We should question what is happening and what is being done about it rather than blindly nod our heads along with politicians. Is the government more interested in foreign policy and intervention than the problems occurring within our youths today? What are they prioritising? What efforts are they making? Pressuring the government in these types of issues and unifying our condemnation are the first steps towards banishing such acts of violence off our streets.

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Saudi Arabia deports ‘irresistible’ men deemed ‘too handsome’ to women

With news like this who needs entertainment? Saudi Arabia has been known for it’s outrageous laws and regulations, but this gives a new meaning to their brand of religious conservatism. Three men were denied the right to visit and deported back to the UAE after they were thought to be too ‘irresistible’ for women. It’s the ultimate compliment mixed with a slap in the face. While other countries are busy deporting people for illegal stay and employment and perhaps other valid reasons, Saudi Arabia is occupied in driving out awesomely good looking men! Because Saudi men ‘are worth it’ and they just can’t handle it!

Now as person who has a keen interest in religious and political matters of world, I don’t find this justified in any way, as I suspect anybody else in their right mind wouldn’t either. I cannot think of any religious or historical example which would approve the reason behind this deportation.

Of course this isn’t the first time we’re hearing Saudi pass a ridiculous decision, there are plenty more, but this has to be the funniest by far.

Beauty is subjective, some people might find them attractive and some might not. But so what if they’re ‘irresistible’? It’s not their fault. They have every right not be deported because of the way they look. Why only assume that women will become so attracted these men that they won’t control themselves? Who’s to say that a decent woman won’t approach one of these ‘irresistible’ males for marriage in an Islamic way? After all Islam does recommend to look for physical attraction along with other attributes regarding characteristics and faith in a potential spouse.

So I’m left thinking now, I might need to be careful on my futures visits to the Middle East, as I might be in for a surprise due to my awesomeness and looks that turn heads in awe!

Pardon my humorous vanity and cheap puns, couldn’t resist.

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Praying for Boston

Earlier this week we learned of a disaster which took place in Boston. A number of bombs went off during the end of a marathon, in which a number of innocent people were killed and many injured.

My prayers go out to those who lost their lives, those that were injured and the friends and families and anyone else effected by this act of terror. I pray that the individuals responsible for this tragedy are brought to justice as soon as possible.

“The investigation is in its infancy, there are no claims of responsibility and the range of suspects and motives remains wide open.” – FBI Special Agent Richard DesLauriers

Innocent civilians were the target in this attack, whoever may be responsible is a criminal, a terrorist, a murderer in the eyes of the law, religion and God.

Until we hear from authorities to provide more information about who may have been responsible, I hope people hold off on making baseless statements and assumptions as to who might have been involved. I don’t think it’s fitting to speculate and blame without a  justified reason. 

Let’s not forget that this is happening in other parts of the world too. Just like in Boston, innocent people are being killed and tortured in Bangladesh, Palestine, Burma, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, etc… the list goes on. Just like we actively condemn this act of violence in Boston, we as decent people of society should condemn in the same manner; the violence and killings which are happening in other countries as well.

The Qur’an condemns such acts of violence in no uncertain terms, “Whoever kills an innocent life it is as if he has killed all of humanity…”.

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