EDL Girls – Don’t Call Me Racist: my thoughts

BBC 3 aired what may be one the most disastrous, basic reports – sorry, I meant to say ‘documentaries’ –  last night, EDL Girls – Don’t Call Me Racist. I call it a ‘basic report’ because it took only accounts and statements from a bunch of racists and uneducated bigots without challenging them in any way. Giving such such a hateful propaganda like the English Defence League’s a platform to spew their ill-informed views for the world to hear can be argued as extremely counter productive, and down right dangerous and outrageous when done so unchallenged. Just ask, what is to be achieved with this show now aired? The educated and sensible in our society will dismiss it without a doubt, but for the closet racists who are secretly searching for people with similar views, this show does nothing but encourage them to take action for their spiteful views.

BBC 3 is being criticised for giving “hateful propaganda” a platform. Matthew Collins, a researcher for the organisation Hope Not Hate, lambasted the BBC for broadcasting such “banal, ill-informed dross where a bunch of racists went unchallenged.”    

Nevertheless this shoddy excuse for a documentary was entertaining, it got a few laughs from me. I mean, who wouldn’t want to watch an uneducated bigoted fellah speak passionately about how ‘halal’ his loaf of bread is. “A few pennies of that (Kingsmill bread) went to the Taliban to put bullets in guns” says Jay. The Muslims are taking over Jay, one slice of bread at a time! Another EDL member on the show stated “anyone can join the EDL, even Muslims”, how generous of them. People took to twitter to express their opinions regarding the show. 

The show introduced Gail, a so called mother figure for the EDL who likes to yell “YORKSHIRE” repeatedly. Her struggle was with the courts trying bring two Asian men to justice who apparently brutally beat her up. I wonder how the BBC missed the opportunity to interview these two Asians to hear both sides of the story.

For a moment the show was slightly reassuring to show us Katie, who after constant bombardment and pressure from her family to join the EDL with them, decided not to as she didn’t want to be labelled as a racist.

What I found most worrying was the case of Amanda. How isolated individuals can find comfort in extremist organisations like the EDL in exchange for a sense of belonging.    

There isn’t much else to say about this show, so I shall conclude.

So what is it we Muslims should do about this? – simple, educate them. No matter how ignorant they may be, our duty is to at least try to convey the truth of our faith to them, whether they take it or not. People are humans at the end of the day and can learn from their mistakes and change. One of the greatest qualities Muhammad peace be upon him had was that he could change the heart of his enemies towards him to love him, we need acquire this quality in our society. Thank you.                            


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