Confessions of a lousy blogger


I am a lousy blogger! There I said it, I confess! I love writing, expressing my opinions. But when it comes to writing them down for others to read, half of the time I flop!

Those that know me see me to be an opinionated individual, I like to have my say. Hence this blog site I occasionally update. I’m always convincing  myself to dedicate more time to it, easier said than done. With all the good words readers have said about my site, I think that I am providing less than enough material to read. But then again, maybe I’m over thinking it. I wish I had more time for this, writing has always given me a sense of productivity and accomplishment ever since I was a child. It’s a very simple way of expressing feelings, opinions, beliefs, understandings and much more!

Sad to say work and personal life fills up most of my schedule. Recently I’ve been dedicating very little time putting my thoughts onto paper, and then I blame myself when I completely lose my train of thought. I suppose this is the case for most writers, or most bloggers at least. Stuck in an assumption that we are endlessly obligated to entertain readers with posts and updates and articles. The Internet has become so diverse and intricate, most find it hard to keep up. But it’s not like I’m short of topics to write. I have an entire folder of unfinished articles which I intend to finish some day soon. By ‘soon’ I mean maybe sometime next month or even in another year or two.

It’s pretty ironic, I say I hardly find time to write, but here I am writing this – about how I hardly find time to write.  I don’t see myself in a competition with any other Blogger, nor am I hungry for more followers, instead I tend to worry about how my posts are seen, how readers will understand them and how they will impact a reader’s worldview.

My advice to bloggers with a similar problem like me is very simple and obvious but I think effective. Do not be discouraged by the lack of train of thought you may have at times. Whether it’s writer’s block or simply the lack of time you have. Take your time, make what you write useful rather than a rushed piece. No one likes a rushed piece of writing.  Unless you’re the type of blogger competing for more views and followers. At the end of the day it all comes down to the amount of time you dedicate to your blog. There’s no golden solution to becoming a successful blogger, like all good things, it takes time and that extra mile of hard work and patience.

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