My top 5 apps for Muslims (Android)


Zabihah (free)

Ever been in a situation where you’re out with your friends looking for a halal place to eat, and you want to order something more than just a McDonald’s fish burger? Zabihah is an awesome ‘eureka moment’ app which locates and provides directions to halal restaurants and takeaways around wherever you are. So no more running around into one restaurant after another asking if they do halal dishes, or unwillingly being confined to the vegetarian menu. Just take out your smart phone and Zabihah will do the rest for you. It also gives directions to any masjids around you. Zabihah is a must have app for any Muslim owning a smart phone.

iTajweed – colour coded Quran (free)

If you’re like me, obsessive about your tajweed, then you’ll love iTajweed! A 13 line colour coded tajweed version of the Quran. It’s purpose is to be simplistic and easy to use replica of a colour coded mushaf (the Arabic Quran in book form) on your smartphone. The Arabic is neat and vivid and easy to read, with the ability to bookmark pages for later reads. Perfect for on the go.

Quran Android (free)

Quran Android is an all round essential Quran app for your smart phone. It contains all you need to enjoy the glorious book of Allah. Readable Arabic, translations into many languages (English language includes translations by: Yusuf Ali, Pickthall and Sahih International). Audio features, a variety of popular reciters to choose from. You can’t go wrong with Quran Android! Of course there are several apps out there on the market with the same features, but what I think sets this one apart from the rest is it’s smooth great looking UI. Oh, and did I mention it’s free!

Muslim prayer times pro (£0.94/free)

All you need from a prayer application: adhan notifications, qibla compass and all major methods of calculation, available on both free and pro versions. Pro comes with some extra features and customisations which you can do without if you’re a little shy of buying apps. Unlike most Islamic apps available on the market which look tacky with unattractive colours and fonts etc, Muslim prayer times pro/free looks and feels clean and premium with brilliant UI.

myDuaa: Fortress of a Muslim (£0.99)

Dua, the weapon of the believer! ‘Fortress of a Muslim’ is now in app form. With more than 250 duas (supplications) in Arabic with English translation and transliteration, audio recitations in Arabic, and it’s user friendly interface, this is a great purchase for merely £1. Search specific duas or learn new ones, this app makes it easy to do both. It’s neat and convenient, a great app which helps revive an important sunnah of the Prophet, and definitely worth its place on this top 5!

So this is my top 5 apps for Muslims with Android devices (although some are also available on other markets). Hope this is useful, let me know what you think… Like, comment! Thank you.

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