Is learning learnable? My thoughts…

With all the skills we are equipped at a young age from school, learning how to learn is perhaps the most effective and important skill to acquire to face life’s great challenges. It helps us to understand and can act as a tool so to know what to do when we don’t know what to do (if that makes any sense). It can give distinction between the ‘learners’ and the ‘knowers’. The question itself teaches that the world is full of new things and wonders and constantly changing and improving in today’s technological age. One cannot just be fed information on history, science, literature etc and expect that what he has learnt will be enough to succeed in life. The ability to consume knowledge, understand new mechanisms and inspire innovative creativity in every stage of life is essential. I think learning is learnable, but the idea of how to learn (the method) is constantly changing in regards to environments, people, time and history.

Thank you.

One thought on “Is learning learnable? My thoughts…

  1. The idea that we have all have a preferred learning style(oral, visual or tactile) has influenced teaching methods in this country over the last 40 years or so. There has also been increasing influence on the student as a learner, rather than as a person just absorbing information. One of the difficulties with emphasizing the learning method has been often students haven’t taken on board the body of knowledge required for learning effectively in that subject area – because it hasn’t been taught properly. Also, many school students aren’t really that motivated as learners anyway and would far rather use their lives in a practical trade, so emphasizing the learning method rather than practical knowledge isn’t really going to get very far. Nevertheless, I think those who are motivated to learn instinctively will develop (learn) their own learning style.


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