And the award for the worst argument goes to…

With all due respect, is there anyone else who thinks David Wood has slightly lost his plot here? Just when I think I’ve heard the worst argument against Islam, I listen to this. I have to congratulate Mr Wood for breaking the record.

The way David has presented his case in the video; it really wouldn’t take much effort for an educated person to see where he has gone wrong, and refute what his position. The argument holds no weight, its poorly constructed and entirely based on a single incorrect assumption – that God would fall subject to the same rules He has set for His creation.

So, lets see, does Allah commit shirk? The following are three reasons why David is wrong.

Firstly, Muslims don’t have a problem with this; it’s really not even an issue for anyone (well apart from David of course). It’s there in plain sight: Allah swears by his creation, it’s not something that Muslims are trying to cover up or hide. In fact, it’s something to be proud of, Allah is emphasising the importance of His creation in this way. No Muslim would ever conclude that Allah is committing shirk by swearing by His own creation. Every single Muslim scholar would disagree with David here.

Secondly, this rule – that we should only swear by Allah – is clearly meant for the followers of Islam, not Allah Himself. I cannot understand how David Wood has missed this point. We cannot start to assume whatever Allah commands of His creation are meant for Him self as well. For example, Allah commands Muslims to pray, does Allah pray? Muslims have to fast, does Allah have to fast? Anyone with basic knowledge would say “no”. So if Muslims cannot swear by anything but Allah, then that is fine, it doesn’t then mean that Allah has to follow the same pattern.

Thirdly and lastly, I believe I am right to say, Allah has the greatest right to swear by his own creation. This is not a contradiction in Islam and it doesn’t mean Allah is committing shirk. It sounds very logical that Allah would swear by his creation.

David Wood has a great sense of humour but we can see his poor sense of logic in this video. The reason of his argument is very weak and I’m surprised that he thinks it’s an issue that Muslims would bother with as a theological problem. David Wood is an accomplished debater on comparative religious topics, and has debated many Muslims on various issues on Islam and Christianity, so I think he is capable of providing better argumentation than what we see from the video. Thank you.


2 thoughts on “And the award for the worst argument goes to…

  1. Salam!!!

    Thank, bro. so much-I’m so happy that you’ve made this post, refuting the idiocy of David Wood. David Wood is an ignorant & arrogant airhead, who just wants his 15-mins of fame on YouTube.



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