Standard: Just a few of my odd thoughts on Twitter

A quick few comments about Twitter.

You’d never think that so many people would be impressed by such a simple idea, and yet they are. Its a big part of people’s lives now, ‘tweeting’ about regular daily activities, which if said in normal face to face conversations would seem quite weird. “Oh I’ve just eaten an apple” or “on my way to work” or “listening to Justin Bieber on my iPod, OMG he’s so awesome!” If someone had approached me randomly and made such and such comments, I would say he was either the most boring person in the world, a crazy lunatic or missing a social life. Yet one can tweet all of this nonsense and people will actually read them, joke!

It is the most unnecessary application ever to have been invented. We never really needed it. I mean before all this Twitter business and social networking, we Humans had the ability of verbal communication, and we still do, some Twitter-holics might even be surprised to know this. The old art of face to face communication, ever being perfected as generations pass by, is still as effective method as it was since ancient times. The world was absolutely fine without Twitter, its not as though Jesus or Muhammed or Moses (pbut) ever said “hey, for more deep and thought provoking wisdom and knowledge, follow me on twitter”. That would sound ridiculous.

Though I must admit, I myself do have a Twitter account. But I don’t, as I have mentioned above, tweet about useless activities I have accomplished throughout my day. Nor do I obsessively tweet 24/7 like a wacky addict with piss poor punctuation and literacy skills. I do tweet, but when there is something productive to say, something funny, you know…something actually worth getting my phone out of my pocket for.

So this is what I think about Twitter. And one more thing, before people misunderstand me, Justin Bieber is not awesome!

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3 thoughts on “Standard: Just a few of my odd thoughts on Twitter

  1. I agree. People do the same thing on Facebook too, unfortunately. And the sad thing is, I have to browse Facebook everyday to get updates, but not their rants. Looks like I just have to bear with it and just scroll down


  2. Some great points. I love Twitter: I use it to keep in touch with museums and heritage sites, or to tune into the buzz when something awesome is happening. I live in the UK but learned about how New York prepared and weathered its hurricane by following a hashtag – think it was irene.

    You learn about an event before everyone else, though it must be filtered to check it is accurate and balanced. You get on-the-spot reportage, and all in just 140 characters. There are the Justin Bieber tweeters, but I just block anyone who dares mention his name 😀


    • Thanks for the comment. I like the fact that you get a different angle on a topic other than what can be heard from the news, and i really enjoy hashtags, they can be really useful and fun at times. Btw thanks for following me on twitter 😀


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