Standard: What are you looking at?

‪‪”What are you looking at? Because when you’re looking at yourself in the mirror you’re looking at the appearance, at what you present to others. You’re not looking at your own self; you’re not even looking what is inside. A difference between the ones who forgot God and the ones who remember Him is, in the morning, the first thing the ones who forgot God are accustomed to, is the water to look clean on the outside. And the ones who remember God are familiar to the water to purify themselves from the inside. And it shows on the surface.” – Tariq Ramadan

I found this quote floating around on the internet in a blog entry and YouTube, and its been attributed to Muslim academic Tariq Ramadan to have said it. Whoever the author may be it is a wonderful sentence we should reflect on.

We are engrossed so much in our materialistic desires and physical appearances, that we’ve made them our own gods; distracted from the real matter of what our hearts and minds have turned into. And instead of blaming ourselves and doing something about it, we blame society for it. But the funny thing is, we are the society.

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