My Thoughts on Robert Morey and his ‘Nuke the Kaba’ Plan

Just when I thought I’ve read the worst of anti-Islamic writings on the internet, yet again I have stumbled onto another article which is truly amazingly stupid (apologies but there’s no other way to put it, its just stupid). I am of course referring to Dr. Robert Morey’s article: How Should a Christian Respond to the Death of Osama bin Laden? In which he wrote:

“First, as I wrote in my book, How to Win the War Against Radical Islam, the war against the Muslim Jihadists will be long and costly and will not be won until we bomb the Kabah in Mecca. Islam is based on a brick and mortar building that can be destroyed. They pray to that building five times a day, make a pilgrimage to it, run around it, kiss a black rock on the wall, then run between two hills and finally throw rocks at a pillar. What if that building, the Kabah, was destroyed? They could not pray to it or make a pilgrimage to it. The old pagan temple of the moon-god, al-ilah, is the Achilles’ heel of Islam. Destroy it and you destroy Islam’s soul.”

It is amazing how Robert Morey (a Christian Scholar) sees this as an acceptable idea to advocate. How did he ever reach this conclusion? Where or who did he get this radical idea from? These are just some of the questions I would want to ask him. He is convinced destroying the Ka’ba would prove a great loss to Muslims and would destroy Islam’s soul, as if the Ka’ba cannot be rebuilt. The Ka’ba has been rebuilt and reconstructed and re-erected many times even according Islamic sources, one can find examples in narrations of hadiths[1]. Even the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) himself contemplated the reconstruction of the Ka’ba, but unfortunately it did not happen in his lifetime[2]. And one would disagree with the thought of Islam’s soul being the Ka’ba, a Muslim believes rather that the absolute foundation and core of Islam is the oneness and absolute attributes of the Creator.

Not only is this suggestion of his radical, extreme and hate-filled, Robert Morey is also wrong in his knowledge of what the Ka’ba represents for Muslims. Muslims do not pray to the Ka’ba in Makkah as he wrote it, Islam teaches to pray to God almighty in the direction of the Ka’ba. The Ka’ba is not the object of worship; this is very clear from Islamic sources. And Muslims do not believe they are worshipping some kind of Moon-god, the Ka’ba is not attributed to that idea. One can find a number of verses from the Qur’an to disprove Morey’s Moon-god accusation. For example: Allah created the Moon[3], the Sun and universe, and He is unique in His attributes not equivalent[4] to His creation.

It doesn’t take much time to refute these accusations Robert Morey has put forward, in fact it would take a learned individual no longer than 15 minutes to disprove these  types of argumentations. They are extremely weak arguments; one simply needs to do some basic study to know this.

It is truly, deeply disturbing to me that Robert Morey, an academic scholar, entertains an idea of violence simply by justifying it by his misrepresentation of Islam. This clearly shows his intellectual dishonesty and that he has an anti-Islamic agenda. As for the rest of his article, it isn’t much helpful either; one may be amazed by his ideas and proposals. It is for such reasons that I do not now for a moment consider Dr. Robert Morey a trustworthy, reliable academic. His thoughts prove to be just as extreme and radical as terrorists, they are clearly not the answers we are looking for if we desire peace and unity and social justice.

[2] Sahih Muslim: Book 7, Hadith 3078 (English reference)

[3] Qur’an 21:33

[4] Qur’an 112:4

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