Question – Decrease in my iman

“I fear for a decrease in my iman, what are some of the ways I can continually increase my iman?”


  • Make sure you are reading the Qur’an as much as you can. Reading the Qur’an with understanding will increase you belief in Allah and Islam. The Qur’an was sent as guide for mankind.
  • Also you could join a part time Islamic course, this will help you learn more about Islam as well as strengthen your faith and iman.
  • Try to attend Islamic gatherings and conferences.
  • Make sure you complete all your obligatory duties in Islam (salah, zakat, hajj…etc)
  • Always recite Surah Fatiha as it contains a dua (prayer) for guidance.
  • Always pray to Allah for increase in Iman.
  • Also do not be afraid to question what you do not know or understand, it is only human and part of Islam.

We all have our ups and downs of our iman. It will happen many times in our lives. It is important that we do not use this as an excuse to stop practicing Islam. Instead we should prayer that to Allah to help us in such difficult times.


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