About Me

…me! :)

A little bit about myself: My name is Shajahan Ahmed. I’m a Muslim born and raised in the UK, I have been Muslim all my life and have grown fond of Islam very much. I enjoy reading and writing and also talking about religion. I do all the normal stuff like work, study and socialise. So I’m pretty much your average British Muslim.

As I research and study more and more into religious matters and many issues and situations concerning our current time, I felt the need of a platform where I can share my views, knowledge and beliefs. Therefore the idea of this blog sprung to mind.

The many articles/writings that are published on this site are my very own (unless they are mentioned otherwise), and readers should be aware that I am not a sheikh, scholar, professor etc of any sought and do not claim to be. If there is any information on this page which do not seem familiar or seem inaccurate, please check it up for accurateness. I apologise before hand if such is the case, but I have been and will always try my very best to ensure that any information published by myself on this page is one hundred percent solid, and truthful.

Also, I would like to make it clear, most of my posts on this site reflect my own opinions and understanding, and they may change from time to time, I do not wish to offend anyone in any way by what I write. Thank you.